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Honor me while I'm living now and today

Updated: Feb 21

Honor Me While I am Living

 Now and Today


Why bother visiting me while I’m gone?

Come see me NOW before God calls me home.


Why are you talking to me in my lifeless state?

I can’t hear you now I'm beyond Heaven's gate.


Why bring me flowers that I can’t smell nor see.

Their beauty and aroma are far off Now that I’m sleep.


Why honor me when I am gone? I can’t hear a darn thing you say.

Honor me NOW while I am living. While today is called TODAY.


Rather do such things while I breathe, while it is still called Now.

Don’t wait until I am buried six feet underground.


Love, cherish, honor one another NOW and not when it’s too late.

Say and do with them while they are here.

Let us do better NOW while today is still called TODAY.


Written by Kimberly Vinson-Jackson

November 16, 2023


Before bedtime, many of us have recited the bedtime prayer "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep," which includes the line, "If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take." It is very interesting that the title of the episode is twisted to read, 'If I should wake before I die.

In the impactful episode "If I Should Wake Before I Die" from "Little House on the Prairie," a powerful and touching message unfolds. It urges us to reflect on cherishing moments with loved ones while they are still alive. The storyline takes a heartbreaking turn as elderly woman, Miss Amy's children, absent during her final days, make an appearance at her mocked funeral—turned eightieth birthday celebration, a simple reminder of the importance of being present in the lives of those we hold dear.

The article's title, "Honor Me While I'm Living," captures the essence of the lesson rooted in the episode. It serves as an urgent call to action, prompting us to reevaluate priorities and highlight moments that truly matter.

In a society characterized by hectic schedules and digital distractions, it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of daily life, carelessly overlooking precious moments with our loved ones. The episode encourages us to consider the consequences of neglecting those we care about and pushes for an active approach to building meaningful connections.

The absence of Miss Amy’s children during her living moments serves as a powerful representation of times when we might be physically present but emotionally distant from our loved ones. The episode challenges us to break free from the confines of busyness, to be attentive, and to actively engage in the lives of those we hold dear.

"Honor Me While I'm Living" is a message that goes beyond the time of "Little House on the Prairie." It prompts us to show love, appreciation, and thanks while our loved ones are still with us. Waiting until a funeral to pay respects might be too late. The real way to honor someone is to recognize their importance while they're alive.

This blog article is a reminder that life is made up of shared moments, laughter, and heartfelt conversations. It prompts us to prioritize quality time over quantity and create memories that last.

Let's learn from the wisdom in this classic episode. "Honor Me While I'm Living" should guide how we treat our loved ones. May it inspire us to leave a legacy of love, kindness, and strong connections. True honor is about celebrating our loved ones while they're still here, not just when they're gone.


Watch this classic episode free on Amazon Prime at the link below:



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